Easy Oat and Pumpkin Cookies

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, not unlike this recipe! You probably have most of these ingredients already at home, so it’s just a matter of combining them in a bowl, shaping them into cookies and throwing them into the oven. Even quicker is the time it’ll take to eat them.

No-bake Mixed Berry Chocolate Slice

Baking a dessert is good, eating a dessert is better, but not having to bake AND being able to eat dessert, is definitely the best. My No-bake Mixed Berry Chocolate Slice is really easy to make and combines a chewy chocolate base with a creamy and light berry layer. It stores in the freezer and is made with a bunch of healthy, wholesome ingredients. And if you close your eyes and really focus, it’ll almost taste like a McDonald’s birthday cake, just healthier, more ethical, and handled by far fewer children.

No Bake Lime and Matcha Tart

Matcha is one of those ingredients that suddenly seems to be appearing in everything, and frankly, thrown into a cup of boiling water is not my idea of a sophisticated way to enjoy it. This recipe combines zesty lime, creamy cashews and hint of matcha tea blend to create a super healthy, light and tasty slice. It stores in the freezer so you can eat some now and save the rest for your hipster friends who are visiting next month. Matcha later!

Rice Paper Fruit Pockets

I always have rice paper in my cupboard, for those days when I’m too lazy to properly cook, but hungry enough to demand more than tinned baked beans. This recipe won’t quite make your dinner menu, but makes a killer dessert that is fresh, reasonably healthy and that tastes great. Experiment with your own fillings or make in advance for your next dinner party!

Crunchy Oat Bars

What a time to be alive. We can actually ingest crunchy, filling and sweet treats, without even the hint of an animal product or a highly refined sugar. And who doesn’t love a muesli bar?! This recipe is so quick to prepare you could *almost* make it before leaving for work, and it’s packed with enough nourishing ingredients, it’ll leave you with that glow you only get after seeing a puppy learn to walk down stairs. As usual, substitute the nuts, seeds and dried fruits as desired.

Raw Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake

Another excuse to eat chocolate and peanut butter on a daily basis is here, and I am never letting it go. This recipe is packed full of protein rich nuts, rich cacao, creamy coconut and of course, peanut butter. It stores in the freezer and lasts for an age, and is a fabulous, ethical and healthier dessert option. Get munching!

Garlic and Chive Hasselback Potatoes

An acquaintance of mine posted a long rant online the other day, about why he thinks potatoes are overrated. Overrated?! Try UNDERrated! Potatoes are versatile, delicious, and easy to cook with, and certainly more dear to my heart than this so called ‘acquaintance.’ If you’re looking for a side dish to take to Christmas lunch, or just love finding new ways to use potatoes, try my Garlic and Chive Hasselback Potatoes. They taste amazing and can be tailored to meet all your herb and spice needs. Potatoes rule!

Creamy Twix Slice

I don’t think you can ever have too many snacks in the house. What if you have unexpected guests? What if you decide you’re too lazy to make lunch? What if you watch an emotional video of an abused puppy finally finding his forever home? Snacks are a vital part of life, and my Creamy Twix Slice is sweet, rich and healthier than any store bought treats. Made with Medjool dates, gooey peanut butter and crunchy raw nuts, you can be as lazy and well fed as you want.

Easy Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry

Curry is a vegan’s best friend. It often involves lots of vegetables, legumes, healthy fats and delicious spices, and can easily be tailored to suit your taste. This recipe makes a quick, basic and healthy curry, that is full of all the delicious ingredients any healthy vegan should be eating. Feel free to add some extra spices like chili or add some crispy tofu for a twist!

Soft and Salty Pretzels

They’re soft, they’re salty, and they’re a type of bread. Tell me, is there anything the pretzel can’t do? This is a terribly satisfying recipe that requires the patience to allow your dough to grow, and the self control to share your baked goods with the people closest to you. You can play around with the toppings, and add things like vegan cheese, fresh rosemary, poppy seeds and even cinnamon. Get twistin’!

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