Gluten Free Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels were a favourite of mine growing up, but between the milk and gelatine, they no longer seem to be a friend of mine. It took me several attempts to create a version that tasted just as good as the original, but without the nasty ingredients that make vegan fairies lose their wings. I usually encourage my readers to substitute ingredients if they feel so inclined, but for this one, I’d suggest following it closely. Your gluten intolerant, vegan fairy friends will love it.

Jammy Dodgers

Full of sweet jam and bursting with nostalgia, these childhood favourites are a fabulous treat for high teas, family gatherings or the day after a painful presidential election. My Jammy Dodgers are easy to make, can be modified to be gluten free, and allow for jam and cookie dough flavour experimentation (blackberry jam, perhaps?). Eat in moderation, if you can stop at just one.

Lamingtons with Raspberry Chia Jam

Lamingtons make for such a satisfying snack. Between the soft sponge, the rich chocolate and the chewy coconut, it may be an impossibility to stop at just one. Add some raspberry jam, and you might as well just start eating straight out of the cake tin. My version of this classic has all those elements, AND is healthier, vegan, and refined sugar free. You’ll have plenty of chocolate sauce left over too, so why not experiment with your own creations?

Berry Chia Jam

This is a great option if you like jam but want to avoid the highly processed, high sugar varieties. Depending on the berries you use it can be quite tart, and is lovely on toast or drizzled over your favourite vegan yogurt.

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