Blackberry Melting Moments

Melting Moments make for such an impressive sweet treat, and although time consuming, are really easy to make. You can experiment with different jam, buttercream and cookie flavours, but for me, nothing beats a classic shortbread, a buttery filling and a sweet jam. Be sure to enjoy in moderation!

Lite Choc Chip Biscotti

Biscotti is such a versatile snack, once you have a basic recipe you can mix and match a whole variety of flavours and fillers. More importantly, perhaps, you can make them days in advance and they still taste great. This version is low in sugar, but if you’d prefer a sweet recipe you can switch out the rice malt syrup for a desired about of sugar.

Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

Any sentence that combines the words, ‘healthier’ and ‘chocolate chip cookies’, is a sentence that should be uttered as much as possible. This recipe makes a lovely, soft cookie that is free of egg and oil, and is low in sugar. As vegans we obviously don’t eat cookies with a glass of milk, so why not try with a nice big cup of homemade, soy chai!

Chocolate, Coconut and Mint Biscuits

The mint lovers amongst us would be familiar with that smug friend who comments on the choice of mint choc-chip ice-cream, with some *hilarious* zinger about how if they wanted to taste mint, they’d simply brush their teeth. Listen, mint and chocolate go together like gin and tonic, pen and paper and Benson and Stabler, and anyone who thinks otherwise is absolutely missing out. I hope you enjoy my Chocolate and Mint Biscuits, made with a crunchy biscuit base, a soft coconut and mint filling, and a hard chocolate shell. They are gluten free, vegan, and a healthy way to enjoy dessert. #mintforever.

Maple Syrup Cookies

Crumbly cookies are so satisfying to eat, if not a little messy for someone (me) who eats as though it were going out of fashion. I designed these cookies to somewhat resemble a shortbread, but with less messy consequences and more maple goodness. I used both rice malt syrup and maple syrup, as maple syrup is too thin to be used alone in this recipe. You could also substitute the rice malt syrup for honey (if you’re not a strict vegan) or another thick liquid sweetener. Must be eaten with tea.

Choc-chip Macadamia Cookies

The humble chocolate chip cookie has been satisfying our sugar cravings for years and making us feel guilty about how much sugar we’re eating for even longer. I try to limit my refined sugar intake, but when I do feel like a treat, this is one of my first stops. My Choc-chip Macadamia cookies are made using caster and coconut sugar (for a more gritty texture), vegan choc chips, and of course, big, crunchy macadamias. The recipe is vegan and dairy free, but would also work with gluten free flour if that’s your poison (or if gluten is your poison, to be more specific). Bake them for yourself or for your favourite cookie monster.

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