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Easy Banana Bread

This recipe is perfect if you're looking for a sweet treat, need something freezer-friendly, have limited time and lots of old bananas!

Simply mix your dry ingredients, add your wet ingredients, bake and enjoy! Feel free to substitute the nuts for any you have on hand, and add other fillings like vegan chocolate chips.
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Almond and Passion Fruit Loaves

Light, mild and just sweet enough, these loaves are a lovely option for dessert, morning tea or anytime you feel like a treat that doesn't overwhelm. They're super fast to make, too!
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Vegan Samosa Snacks

Samosas are one of my favourite entrees, made with a crispy pastry and a spiced, vegetable filling. I'm sharing the recipe to my version, which isn't traditional but uses the same delightful elements to create a delicious snack. The dough and filling both freeze well, as do the cooked samosas.

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Crispy Apple Pie

Apple pie is a dessert that pretty much everyone loves. If you're trying to work out what to make for a party or tasked with catering an event, apple pie is usually a safe bet. My Crispy Apple Pie is vegan and rivals any standard version you've tried, and though it does take time to make and requires over 1kg of apples, it's definitely worth the effort. The base is crispy, the filling is sweet and it's big enough to share with group of hungry friends! Make fresh or bake in advance in sections or as one big pie, and freeze until you're ready to devour.

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Spiced Christmas Cake

I love Christmas baking, and this year I've started earlier than usual because there are just so many things I want to make! My Spiced Christmas Cake is made using my Spiced Caramel Cake recipe, with a few tweaks to make it a little more festive. It's a lovely recipe that suits a range of purposes, and can be made in advance and frozen. Make a naked cake like mine, or use the recipe for muffins, a slab cake or whatever decorative creation you have in mind!

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Chickpea Nuggets

Kids are tricky to feed, but most of us remember enjoying chicken nuggets smothered in tomato sauce when we were young. They're all over family-friendly restaurant menus and easy to spot in supermarket freezer sections, but aside from the fact they're clearly not vegan, they're usually unhealthy and packed with ingredients you'd probably rather your own kids avoid.

My Chickpea Nuggets are vegan, high in protein and made with minimal ingredients, but more importantly are designed for kids to enjoy (and adults too!). They're easy to make and freeze well, so you can whip up a large batch and defrost them as needed.

*For a gluten-free option, substitute wholemeal plain flour for a gluten free flour of choice.

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Quinoa, Rice and Pea Nuggets

You're never too old to enjoy nuggets, which is why I love coming up with new recipes for kids and adults alike! My Quinoa, Rice and Pea Nuggets are packet with so many healthy ingredients, including chia seeds, rolled oats, nutritional yeast and polenta, making them a healthy option for those busy days.

This recipe doesn't have a smooth consistency and thus can seem a little dry, but they taste fantastic with a garlic or tomato sauce. They freeze and store well and are perfect for picnics and parties.

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Savoury Chickpea Muffins

Mini quiches are a popular brunch, snack or picnic addition, but you don't need eggs to make a tasty, high-protein savoury muffin! This recipe is made from chickpea flour and other healthy ingredients, making it an excellent option for hungry kids or adults who want a snack that tastes great but isn't made with nasty, non-vegan products.

My Savoury Chickpea Muffins have spinach, capsicum and corn throughout, but you could easily substitute these with whichever vegetables you have on hand. They can also be made gluten-free, just ensure your baking powder, flour and other ingredients don't have any gluten within.

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XL Vegan Pancakes

If you like cake and you like pancakes, you are going to LOVE this recipe. It's inspired by the famous Japanese pancakes that keep popping up, and are cooked in a frying pan slow and low. This recipe makes three extra large cakes...I mean PANcakes, or six smaller (but still big) ones.

They can be a little tricky to flip, but if you make a mess it's okay! You can always push the batter back into the cake rings and still end up with a delicious result. Be sure to keep the temperature low, the lid on and be ready to remove them from the heat if they start to take on too much colour. Because they're so thick they require extra time to cook through, so you'll need to be patient.

Finally, this recipe uses vegan meringue powder, like that made by Vor. If you can't find this you can use the equivalent in aquafaba (chickpea brine), though you may need to add a little extra sugar.

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Christmas Cookie Box (includes 6 cookie recipes)

Almost everyone loves cookies, but that doesn't necessarily mean we can all agree on which flavours are best. Avoid cookie-fights-to-the-death this year with a diverse cookie box! 

My Christmas Cookie Box is the essential festive display or gift, and includes five different types of cookies plus one big serving of rocky road.

The box includes:

The great thing about this box is not only are all of the cookies vegan (your non-vegan friends won't be able to tell, I promise), but the rocky road and shortbread recipes are gluten-free and low FODMAP. This means you'll be making your vegan, vegetarian, dairy-intolerant, Coeliac, IBS-suffering and just plain fussy-eating friends very happy indeed!

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