Christmas Cookie Box (includes 6 cookie recipes)

Almost everyone loves cookies, but that doesn't necessarily mean we can all agree on which flavours are best. Avoid cookie-fights-to-the-death this year with a diverse cookie box! 

My Christmas Cookie Box is the essential festive display or gift, and includes five different types of cookies plus one big serving of rocky road.

The box includes:

The great thing about this box is not only are all of the cookies vegan (your non-vegan friends won't be able to tell, I promise), but the rocky road and shortbread recipes are gluten-free and low FODMAP. This means you'll be making your vegan, vegetarian, dairy-intolerant, Coeliac, IBS-suffering and just plain fussy-eating friends very happy indeed!


Each of the below recipes makes a full batch of cookies, so consider making smaller batches if you're catering for a smaller group. Add candy canes, cherries or extra treats if desired.


  • Set aside a rectangular or square cake tin, or a cardboard, wooden, ceramic or glass box, ideally with dividers. You can make these with cardboard or baking paper, simply by cutting into pieces (use several layers for baking paper) and fitting into the box for each section.
  • Alternatively, you could use a craft or jewellery box, but make sure you sanitise it thoroughly before adding the cookies.
  • Follow the instructions for each recipe, then carefully display the cookies in the prepared box, using ribbons and additional decorations to taste.
  • Enjoy!

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